Hotel Management System (HMS)

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Vlink network introduce the first time cloud based Hotel Management Software in Bangladesh.

Vlink hotel management software is a cloud-based hotel management system that offers next-gen customize easy manageable & simplify Hotel Management Software.

Since 2014, Vlink Hotel Management software has been developing with Cloud based technology and service solutions specifically and exclusively for the hotel industry sectors. The consistent focus on the demands of a single industry makes Vlink Hotel one of the most experienced and successful providers of Hotel Management System (HMS) or professional property management systems (PMS).

With headquarters located in Chittagong, Bangladesh, Vlink Hotel enjoys a worldwide presence. Over 1,000 hotels in more than 8 countries are attached to Vlinkhotel high-level expertise and reliability.


Property Set Up

  • Property Information Setup, from where one can setup all the necessary information of one’s property, like property name, property address, how many rooms in the property etc.
  • Floor Management, from here one can setup the floor numbers or floor descriptions regarding the wings available.
  • Room Type, is the setup section of available types of the room.
  • Rate Type, using this setup one can set the rate of all available rooms as per room type, floor type etc.
  • Define Tariff, section is used for defining fixed tariff for the rooms.
  • Room Amenities, is the defining section of available Amenities for a room, like AC, Bathtub, Sofa etc.

Front Desk

  • Room Availability, from where one can check the room status can be checked in a grid view of 30 day for every room. It will show the current room status, reservation or booking status of a room for 30 days at a time. One can change the starting date to see the next 30 day status of a room.
  • Floor Layout, is the room availability view of rooms according to floor. And this will show the current status of a room regarding floors. One can change the date to see the status of a room on a certain date.
  • Check In, is the immediate room providing section to guest. Will fill up the necessary information of a guest and checked in the guest.
  • Check out, will immediately checked out a guest, but before Check Out always check the any remaining transaction with the guest. If any transaction remains, then this guest can’t be checked out before clearing the transactions.
  • Night Audit, is the section of Auditing all the transaction in a day and call for a day end to start a new day in Front Desk.

Room Management

  • Will monitor the current status of all the rooms.
  • Will take immediate action regarding action as per guest complains.
  • Check the current temperature of all the rooms.


  • Washing, Iron of cloths of Guests will be managed from here.
  • One can setup the rate of each clothes regarding laundry type.
  • One can setup the laundry type, like washing clothes, Iron etc.
  • Assigning a maid to a room for takeout the cloths for laundry and return to guest upon completion can be managed from here.

House Keeping

  • Assigning a maid to a room for cleaning the room is managed from here.
  • Assign schedule task to a maid for future to complete.
  • Task status, like In progress, Pending, Completed etc. can be maintained.
  • A Utility Inventory will be available to see the current stock of the house keeping equipment.

Banquet Hall

  • Banquet reservation or booking can be maintained from here.
  • Event plan will be maintained from here.
  • Event quotation will be provided as per planning.
  • Proforma Invoice will be generated from here.

Conference Booking and Management

  • Required utilities details for a conference or meeting will be stored here.
  • Refreshment for meeting or receptions will be managed and stored the details here.
  • Space availability, Room Charges, Bill etc. will be managed from here.


  • Item stock inventory will be available here to know the current stock of the inventory item.
  • Item issue to a guest or to a room is managed from.
  • Item will be assigned to stuff from here to deliver to guest or to rooms.
  • Bill or invoice can be also generated from here or can be added to the room bill of a guest.

Restaurant POS

  • Restaurant inventory to know the current stock of the restaurant item.
  • Menu of the restaurant can be setup and printed from here.
  • Item assignment to waiter according to restaurant table to serve a guest.
  • Current status of an order, like processing, food is served etc. can be managed from here.
  • Transaction details as Ledger will be stored here.

Back Office

  • Language setup, Foreign Currency setup to auto calculates the any currency to US currency.
  • Guest ledger can be maintained from here.
  • If any fault in transaction, than Undo the Transaction can be managed from here.


  • Information of the employee will be stored here.
  • Designation setup, Department Setup will be managed from here.
  • Employee attendance will be stored here.
  • Employee leaves application, leave permission will also be managed from here.
  • Employee Role based access control, means which employee get permission of which modules will manages from here.


  • Employee basic salary setup according to the employee information from HR module.
  • Allowances added to salary will be added here.
  • Deduction from salary will also be set up here.
  • Total payable amount to an employee will be calculated here and a pay slip will be generated to provide to employee.


  • All the necessary things purchased for the property will be stored here.
  • Will store the information of the supplier to maintain the transaction and reorder any item if necessary.
  • Supplier Purchase Order history will be stored here.
  • Purchase order amendment can be managed from here.
  • Approved supplier list will be stored.


  • All kind of sales report can be generated from here.
  • Immediate report printing facility to know the sales of the property.


  • General Ledger
  • Profit or Loss calculation
  • Accounts
  • Receivable accounts
  • Audit
  • Payment of travel agent commission
  • VAT Calculation as per Hotel Policy

Access Control List (ACL)

  • User role creation.
  • Role based access setup to do not reveal the information of the property to every user.
  • Credit card security to not revealing the sensitive information to every user except the assign user.

Third Party Interfaces

  • Credit Card Processing: Xchange, Mercury.
  • Key Card Door Lock: ADLE, INHOVA.
  • SMS API: Bulk SMS, 70*



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